These employees perform back office services like data entry, content moderation, direct mail fulfillment and other “behind the scenes” tasks. The term comes from the traditional office set-up where clients interacted with employees who were seated at the front of the office, while supporting staff was seated in the “back office” and did not typically interact with clients. « These analytics become absolutely critical for small and medium-sized businesses that are with a global economy and global customers or global supply chains, » he says.

You’ll also have a dedicated team with an engagement manager who is responsible for making sure the team consistently exceeds your expectations. Inputting time worked from your time-tracking software into your payroll software to take work off your HR department. A survey found that60% of customer dissatisfaction sourcesoriginated in the back office. It is also estimated that 10-20% of all transaction volumes in a contact center are the result of execution issues in the back office.

Back-office activities usually involve written customer support and office tasks such as processing e-mails, letters and faxes. Complex activities such as payroll accounting, data processing in ERP systems or order processing are also part of the back office. Greenbaum says many of the software suites mentioned in the previous section provide good BI functionality and that the largest vendors of business intelligence software are IBM’s Cognos, SAP’s Business Objects, and Microsoft’s SQL Server-based analytics. He says Pentaho is a smaller vendor that also offers quality BI software. Businesses with complex needs have plenty of other options, as well.

« Front office » software, which we covered in July as part of our focus on the best software for SMBs, is often related to Customer Relationship Management and is useful for managing sales, marketing, and other customer-facing data. We also include things like innovative social media tools, customer service solutions, and more as part of the « front office. » To illustrate the principle of back office tasks, consider all that goes into a customer purchasing a financial service. The customer may have received a direct mail flyer and read a blog post on the company’s website before talking to customer service representatives. In order to get the customer on the phone, the back office team would have researched the target market for financial service mailouts, created the flyers and mailed them out.

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Cost-effective, high-quality, accurate data entry services that take manual work off your team’s plate. Augmenting RPA with AI technologies expands the possibilities of back-office automation to include nearly any scenario, including a Digital Workforce that can reason and make decisions and learn on the job to become valuable resources in your human workforce. VISCO is designed for small to mid-sized importers and distributors. With a focus on landed costs, container management, global logistics, and customs clearance, it also integrates with QuickBooks. « Companies like Intacct and NetSuite are very big on being allied with accounting firms, » says Brian Sommer, president of Illinois-based research group Vital Analysis.

« Not only can it provide inventory, monitoring and software deployment functionality, but it can also provide patch management and encrypted remote access as well as online backups, » he says. « This is a fully-featured solution that is priced cost-effectively and will definitely grow with a business. » Never have there been more software choices for the small business. Considering all the information you need to manage, which ones do the best job?

How The Back Office Works

But by outsourcing back office services to another business, you can take back those resources and time to focus on other projects and duties that boost your business’s bottom line. Back office executives provide administrative and managerial support for the staff working in the front office of a company. Back office executives do not interact directly with clients but work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the company.

Your customers increasingly want to reach you by chat and social media. Gathering insights about your manufacturing processes, which consists of data from your ERP system, your production system and your inventory software. For only a dollar more a month per user, Office365 offers similar features but with the familiar and comfortable Office interfaces we’ve all come to love, only stored on the cloud, not on your desktop.

  • With both free and subscription services, Zoho is an even more robust cloud software suite for SMBs that adds things like accounting, invoicing and recruiting tools.
  • Read more about how to make the transition from back office to front office on WSO.
  • Fast-growing, mid-sized businesses universally tout NetSuite, which specializes in providing a cloud-based solution that ties the back office to the front office.
  • A balanced scorecard is a performance metric companies use to identify and improve internal functions and their resulting external outcomes.

Our experienced service teams can manage your customer support needs across email, phone, chat, or social media. When you have a large-scale back office task on your hands, outsourcing it to a dedicated partner is the best way to save money without sacrificing quality. Depending on your needs, we build domestic or international teams to take care of every single part of the process so that you can focus on building your business. Finally, as we mentioned, the software market today is brimming with excellent options for the small business, many overlapping in functionality and applicability to various industries. If you’re a fan of back office software that didn’t make the list, let us know in the comments and thereby share your opinion with others who might benefit from your knowledge and experience. « Business analytics or business intelligence of some kind is absolutely necessary, » he says.

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 » very broad terms that are used to cover billions of dollars worth of products that are extremely different from each other, » he says. « But fundamentally, all small and medium-sized businesses need to have a way to analyze the data that is coming into their organization in order to be successful. » Baker says there are dozens of vendors that can handle email security in the cloud, such as Symantec MessageLabs and Google Postini.

With today’s OCR , the data source could even be scanned documents. BrightPearl is a good option for retailers, wholesalers and service providers. Regardless of a business’ size, smart companies would do well not to forget about using LinkedIn Groups or even Facebook to kick-start discussions with insightful people who can help with things like solving engineering problems or brainstorming innovation. Once a good dialogue is flowing, you can move it to a space in Google Groups or Microsoft SharePoint. Other preferred solutions include NetSuite OpenAir, Microsoft Dynamics SL for Professional Services, SAP Business by Design, Epicor Professional Services, Tenrox, and FinancialForce.

We can take any large-scale back office tasks off your plate so your team can focus on what they do best. With Peak Support as your partner, you’ll have a dedicated team up and running in two weeks. The old ways of managing and supporting business processes are undergoing a paradigm shift. Disruptive technologies – likeintelligent automation (RPA+AI)– are helping chief experience officers re-invent their business operations by bringing in optimizations. AdvologixPM is a cloud-based practice management suite for law firms.

What are examples of back office

By trusting your back office tasks to us, you and your team can focus on what you do best. According to Joshua Greenbaum, principal with Enterprise Applications Consulting in Berkeley, California, business intelligence or business analytics is another critical function often included in back office suites and also sold as a stand-alone solution. Fast-growing, mid-sized businesses universally tout NetSuite, which specializes in providing a cloud-based solution that ties the back office to the front office. While you might not think of Word and Excel as back-office software, applications like them are not only integral to the operation of most businesses, they also can only be used internally with no customer interface.

Small businesses can choose from scads of project management solutions that offer free and monthly subscription plans, including Basecamp, TeamWork Live, Worketc, Intervals, and Manymoon, just to name a few. Electronic discovery, or eDiscovery, refers to the process of searching electronic data with the intent of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case. For companies that may need to do it, Baker suggests SonaSoft, which offers a robust, hosted email archiving solution for the SMB market that makes it easy to archive your email intelligently if you are using Microsoft Exchange in house. GFI, maker of many security and management tools for the SMB market, also offers backup, archival and security of email.

Your company can’t operate effectively if you don’t have back office support services keeping the machine running smoothly behind the scenes. While you could try to perform some of these back office support duties on your own, this can take up valuable time and resources that you could (and should!) spend on other projects and duties within your business. Back office staff empower your front office staff by providing them with the information and tools they need to complete their tasks.

Back Office Outsourcing Services

This way, you can be sure that work is being done efficiently and that the call center is not billing for too many hours. Services Inbound Call Center Provide outstanding customer service. A hybrid office is an arrangement in which a company’s workers sometimes work together in a physical office and sometimes work remotely. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace.

Our leadership team has decades of experience growing teams and providing back-office services at scale. Don’t let hiring and onboarding new team members slow down your business growth. By outsourcing your back office tasks to us, you’ll have a dedicated team up and running quickly—plus the ability to add and onboard new team members within one or two weeks.

What are examples of back office

They may also have been responsible for creating content on the website. The back office helps front office employees fulfill their client-facing roles such as completing sales. Entities that work on very complex projects might consider Genius Inside, which is a middle-office solution linking CRM with ERP and geared toward mature project management. Industries that might benefit from Genius Inside include any that are very project-centric such as engineering groups working on new product development or professional services firms focused entirely on projects. Typical cost for medium-size businesses starts at about $7,000 a year. The back-office is the part of your business operations composed of support and admin employees who don’t regularly interact with your clients.

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Spiceworks is used by 1.5 million IT pros who like its free network management software and online community. To be clear, when we say « back office » software, we’re referring to the platforms and applications that don’t interface with customers but help you manage core functions such as accounting, Enterprise Back office human resources, or manufacturing. Enterprise Resource Planning is a term that includes many back-office functions. Last month we told you the best options for front office software. This month we asked the experts to weigh in on back office software to improve your business operations.

Why Your Back Office Is Important

It almost goes without saying that Intuit’s QuickBooks and Sage Peachtree should be on this list. In fact, according to the Massachusetts-based research group IDC Industry Insights, more than half of all small businesses useIntuitsoftware. While Peachtree captures a smaller share of the SMB accounting market, it offers similar features and pricing–both range from around $200 at the entry level to $3,000 for an enterprise solution. QuickBooks also has an online version from $13 to $63 a month that stores all your financial data safely on the cloud.

Strict data protection guidelines are a basic requirement, especially when it comes to sensitive customer data. Data protection should comply with international data protection laws while meeting your company’s high data protection requirements. Call Center Backup Capacity Service Protect your business from customer service outages. If you’re ready to request a quote or you’re looking to hear more about our services, fill out this form and we’ll get back to you within two business days. We typically charge either a flat monthly fee or an hourly fee, depending on what works for the client.

We have low minimums and charge no set-up fee unless you need us to build your technology systems from scratch. Peak Support offers flexible back-office outsourcing that meets your ever-changing needs. If you need a few more hands on deck, let us know how we can help.

Jobfox, which integrates with LinkedIn and Facebook, is a career social networking site that’s recently been seeing good traction. However, the best place for finding talent these days is LinkedIn Recruiter which can filter its more than 100 million users and share your job listings with the people who closely match your requirements, whether they’re looking for a job or not. Due to the nature of the work and lack of exposure to finance and markets, it is often extremely hard to move between the back and front office in financial services jobs. However, some roles lend themselves better to transferring than others and with the right contacts and work ethic it is definitely possible. Read more about how to make the transition from back office to front office on WSO. Many back-office positions are not located in the main buildings of a company.

Over the last two decades, companies have invested in enterprise resource planning implementations, large-scale custom systems, and business process outsourcing to transform their core operations. Some have tangible benefits, but most created unintended side effects such as subpar user experiences, disparate applications and IT systems, and more. With us you can find the perfect call center to outsource your back office services, whether in Germany, Europe or any other part of the world. Unlike other providers, we do not sell leads, but offer qualified matching. Our service is free of charge for our customers and is suitable regardless of the industry or size of your company.

It offers a very scalable and flexible platform for managing the caseload of law firms and legal departments without the significant cost structure of typical on-premise solutions. Arguably one of the best technology advances in the last few years is the plethora of cloud services that back up files to the cloud so precious business information is not lost forever regardless of hardware catastrophe. Apps we covered in our recent story about the best cloud storage options for small businesses include Dropbox, SugarSync,, Soonr and Carbonite. A few others appreciated by SMBs choosing back office software include CrashPlan, Backup My Info, GoToMyPC, Backblaze and MozyPro. « There are literally hundreds of human resource-related products on the marketplace, many of which are available on the cloud, » says Sommer.